A social enterprise supporting therapy dogs

Created to make a difference

Founded with
lots of love

in Nashville, tn

How Nashies was created

(a dash of divine interactions, a sprinkle of the right people and a whole lotta purpose)

2015: @DailyBarker is born

Born out of the tragedy of her dog Beau passing away, Christina Conlon was inspired to be a light in the world and share the stories of dogs across the world. The Instagram account called @DailyBarker was born. Read the full story here. Over a few short years, @DailyBarker amassed more than 500,000 followers and a community of contributors was formed to share inspiring stories of dogs around the world at

2018: Something more is out there

It was time to bring another four-legged member into the Conlon family. Nash (an 8 week old english cream golden retriever) came bursting into the scene! Nash spent his first months of puppyhood around children and bringing smiles to literally every person that laid eyes on him. It was during this time that Christina knew there was something even bigger for her and @DailyBarker. However, she couldn't put her finger on exactly what it was.

2018: The idea

In early 2018, Christina realized there was an opportunity to mobilize the incredible community formed with @DailyBarker and create a dog treat company that would give all of its profits to support an amazing cause. She also found out that she could get Nash certified as a Therapy Dog so that he could have a formal job comforting anyone that he encountered! Then Christina asked herself, "How the heck do I make the healthiest treats out there and which cause do I support?"

2019: The turning point and launch

After scouring the U.S. for nearly two years to source the highest quality, U.S. based human-grade protein sources, the perfect ingredients and recipe were created. To make things even better, a patented way to lock in the nutrients of these protein sources through a fully cooked freeze-dry process was also discovered. (This meant no more need for gross raw treats!)

So there you have it. Nashies is not your typical dog treat company! We were founded with a purpose to create the most healthy dog treats possible, while financially supporting therapy dog organizations across the United States. We believe that the power of human and canine connection provides comfort in today’s increasingly disconnected world.


Dogs provide instant comfort

"...dogs provide a safe place for a lot of people who are going through tough situations and are stressed because of school."